Core facilities

Sanger HallThe Department of Anatomy and Neurobiology maintains a fully-equipped microscopy facility that includes transmission and scanning electron microscopes, a confocal laser scanning microscope,widefield fluorescence microscopes and a variety of image analysis applications.

The Department of Anatomy and Neurobiology also maintains additional imaging systems, including:

  • Morphometric analyses: Nikon Optiphot-2 microscope equipped with a MRI-103 driver for a MAC 2000 motorized stage and a MTI 3CCD video camera interfaced with the MicroBrightfield Neurolucida software.
  • Image capture and analysis facilities: Image analysis, 3-D reconstruction, phosphor imaging, calcium imaging and denistometric analysis of gels and autogradiograms: This facility includes three video-equipped workstations interfaced with the MCID M5+ platform from Imaging Research Inc.

Expert staff is also available for consultation, instruction, assistance, technical support and collaboration.

University shared resources

In addition to the department’s own facilities, neuroscience students will also have access to numerous resources shared by the university’s Massey Cancer Center, including: