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Sarah Kim

MD_PhD student_Sarah KimEducation: College of William and Mary, B.S. in Neuroscience 2012.

Hometown: Vienna, Va.

Thesis adviser: Pamela Knapp, Ph.D., Anatomy and Neurobiology

Research interests: I’m is interested in studying neurophysiology and biophysics. I spent the majority of my time in undergrad using whole-cell recording techniques to study neuronal pathways involved in fever and thermoregulation in the hypothalamus.

Personal bio: I’m originally from Chicago and moved around to several states before arriving in Virginia for high school. I currently play for the VCU Community Guitar Ensemble and in my free time, I also love playing tennis and being outdoors.


Mendoza KC, McLane VD, Kim S and Griffin JD. (2010). In vitro application of gold nanoprobes in live neurons for phenotypical classification, connectivity assessment, and electrophysiological recording. Brain Research, 1325, 19-27.

Dixon E, Schweibenz T, Hight A, Kang B, Kailey A, Kim S, Chen M, et al. (2010). Bacteria-induced static batch fungal fermentation of the diterpenoid cyathin A3, a small-molecule inducer of nerve growth factor. Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology, 38, 607-615.

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